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Japanese Patent JP5571044
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To reduce electric energy necessary for defrosting, and to shorten a defrosting time by utilizing heat which is generated when a refrigerator is operated and exhausted to the outside, and heat possessed by the outside.SOLUTION: The refrigerator 1 comprises: a refrigeration compartment 2; freezing compartments 4, 5; and a freezing cycle having a cooler 12 for generating air for cooling the refrigeration compartment and the freezing compartments, and a compressor 24. Furthermore, the refrigerator comprises: an in-compartment fan 9 for blowing air generated by the cooler to at least either the refrigeration compartment or the freezing compartments; an electric heater 22 arranged below the cooler; and a control means 66 which controls air raised in temperature while passing through the refrigeration compartment, an antifreeze liquid accumulated with the heat generated by the compressor and outside-air heat, the in-compartment fan, and a circulation pump 51 or the like for circulating the antifreeze liquid. At defrosting operation, the control means heats the cooler by using the air which has passed through the refrigeration compartment, the compressor and the outside-air heat until the cooler is heated by the heater.

Akiyoshi Ohira
Ryoji Kawai
Yoshiaki Fujiki
Hirokazu Nakamura
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August 13, 2014
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August 19, 2011
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Hitachi appliance incorporated company
International Classes:
F25D21/06; F25B47/02; F25D21/08; F25D21/12
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Polaire Intellectual Property Corporation

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