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Japanese Patent JP5576560
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Disclosed is an electrical distribution device (10), e.g. a distribution piece, for connection to line and/or connecting devices (12) having shielding devices (18), wherein the distribution device (10) having a conductive housing (20) for forming a shielding, and at least one conductor track mount (26, 28), arranged in the housing (20), for connection of line and/or connecting devices (12). The shielding devices (18) can be conductively connected via the conductor track mount (26, 28) to at least one contact element (40, 42) which can be attached to said mount, and the housing has conductive housing parts (36, 38), at least one of which has at least one structure (46, 48) which has at least one elastic contact projection (50, 52) for making electrical contact with the attached contact element (40, 42), and another of the housing parts (38, 36) has at least one clamping device (56, 54) with two jaws (58, 60) for clamping the contact projection (50, 52) to the attached contact element (40, 42) when the housing parts (36, 38) are joined. Methods for fitting a corresponding electrical distribution device (10) are also disclosed.

Wiemer Michael
Nay Dell Martin
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Publication Date:
August 20, 2014
Filing Date:
June 09, 2011
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Phoenix Contact ゲーエムベーハー Wundt コムパニー カーゲー
International Classes:
H01R13/659; H01R13/6591; H01R13/66; H01R31/06
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Patent business corporation Ono international patent firm