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Japanese Patent JP5658156
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Asynchronous message delivery to a media player is defined wherein the message provides instructions to change the SMIL (or XML) based play list dynamically at runtime without creation or provision of any entirely new play list. This play list modification does not result in a visible, distracting transition as would normally occur during an instruction to reload the SMIL play list. Changes to the media presentation occur without the visually disruptive page reload.

ハーレイン,グレゴリー チヤールズ
Application Number:
Publication Date:
January 21, 2015
Filing Date:
July 31, 2009
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トムソン ライセンシングThomson Licensing
International Classes:
G06F3/0482; G06F3/048; G06F3/0484; G06F40/143; H04N7/173
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Patent business corporation A valley and Abe patent firm