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Japanese Patent JP5694152
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Provided is a method for producing a metal wire with improved productivity in which a conventional drawing machine is used while wear of a die or occurrence of a break due to the ductility loss thereof is effectively prevented. Provided is a method for producing a metal wire 1 including a process of drawing a metal wire by using a slip type drawing machine. For a cone 11 of the slip type drawing machine, a cone having an even surface without an inclination angle with respect to the axis of rotation is used, as well as, a die 12 of the slip type drawing machine is positioned such that the metal wire 1 passes a location nearest to a drive unit in the direction parallel to the axis of rotation of the cone 11.

Takayuki Saito
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Publication Date:
April 01, 2015
Filing Date:
May 12, 2010
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Bridgestone Corporation
International Classes:
B21C1/06; B21C3/02
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Ichiro Honda

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