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Japanese Patent JP5840500
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a manufacturing device of solar cell module capable of conveying and arranging solar cells on a stage without impairing the solar cell.SOLUTION: In the manufacturing method of solar cell module including a stage and a belt conveyor unit, the belt conveyor unit has a cell holding section movable forward and backward on the stage, a fixed pulley, a movable pulley movable to the fixed pulley side and the stage side, and an extra length adjustment section for adjusting the extra length of an endless belt looped around a fixed pulley and the movable pulley. The extra length adjustment section has a first belt I/O part for feeding the endless belt, and a second belt I/O part for housing the endless belt passed through the movable pulley. In a region located between the first belt I/O part and the fixed pulley, a travel of belt regulation mechanism for regulating travel of the endless belt so as to travel only in the direction from the first belt I/O part toward a cell mounting part is provided.

Taku Iwade
Toyoji Terada
Nakakita Kazunori
Atsuta Naoyuki
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January 06, 2016
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January 06, 2012
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Toray Engineering Co., Ltd.
International Classes:
H01L31/18; H01L31/043
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