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Japanese Patent JP6377265
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A pickling and rolling plant for pickling and rolling a metal strip, comprising a continuous pickling line; storing means (20, 20') for storing the pickled strip having a capacity of 1000-3000 metres of strip length; a reversible rolling mill having at least two first stands (19) downstream of said storing means (20); a first reel (21), downstream of said at least two first stands, for winding the strip after an odd rolling step, for winding a coil weighing from 100 to 300 tons and with a diameter of up to 6 metres; a welder (2'), arranged between the pickling line and the first stands; at least one second reel (16), upstream of the first stands and downstream of the welder (2'), for winding at least one portion of the strip after an even rolling step in the direction opposite to the odd step, said second reel being sized to wind strip portions with specific weight from 15 to 21 kg/mm; first cutting means (22, 23), arranged between said second reel and the first stands (19), which are adapted to cut the rolled strip each time a strip portion with specific weight from 15 to 21 kg/mm is wound onto the second reel; wherein said welder (2') is adapted to weld a head of the rolled strip cut by the first cutting means with a strip head still to be rolled.

Vignolo Luciano
Sepulveres Claudio
Seretti andrea
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August 22, 2018
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October 09, 2015
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B21B1/18; B21B15/00; B21C47/26; B21C49/00
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Masao Sekiguchi
Takamasa Nakano

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