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Japanese Patent JP6479645
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A diagnosis system including: a power collection unit configured to couple a plurality of photovoltaic cell arrays, each including photovoltaic cells, in parallel; a control unit; and a monitoring unit, the monitoring unit being configured to: estimate a solar radiation amount and an operating temperature of the photovoltaic cell arrays based on the current value measured by a first ammeter in the control unit and the voltage value measured by the first voltmeter in the control unit by using an expression expressing a relationship between the solar radiation amount, the operating temperature, and a number of photovoltaic cells, and an output current; correct the estimated values so as to match the current values measured by second ammeters in the power collection unit by using the expression; and calculate a theoretical current value of each of the photovoltaic cell arrays based on the corrected values by using the expression.

Toru Kono
Hideyuki Shimonishi
Yutaka Saki Masato
Tetsuji Ohya
Kenichi Gokita
Tomoji Nakamura
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Publication Date:
March 06, 2019
Filing Date:
December 15, 2015
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International Classes:
H02J13/00; G01N27/00; H02S50/00
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Fujio Patent Office