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Japanese Patent JP6534453
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A calender (1) includes: first and second rolls (12A, 12B) adjacent to each other; a first axle box (14A) rotatably supporting a shaft of the first roll; a second axle box (14B) rotatably supporting a shaft of the second roll and adjacent to the first axle box; an adjustment unit (18A) configured to adjust a position of the first axle box so as to move the first roll toward the second roll or to separate the first roll from the second roll; at least one sensor unit (24A) interposed between the first axle box and the second axle box and being in contact with both of the axle boxes; and a controller (26). The sensor unit includes a distance sensor including an extension/contraction portion configured to extend and contract in a direction in which the first and second axle boxes are aligned. The controller controls the adjustment unit on the basis of an extension/contraction amount of the extension/contraction portion.

Michinari Okabe
Negro straight
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Publication Date:
June 26, 2019
Filing Date:
January 14, 2016
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Ihi Co., Ltd.
Ihi Logistics Industry System Co., Ltd.
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B30B3/00; B21B31/20; B21B38/10; B29C43/24; B29C43/46; B29C43/58
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Yoshiki Hasegawa
Yoshiki Kuroki
Ryosuke Yasuda
Toshiaki Matsuzawa