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Japanese Patent JP6549215
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Equipment for cold-drawing a metal wire. The equipment comprises a sequence of a sleeve and a drawing die in the advancing wire path; the sleeve comprises a hole for inserting the wire to be drawn, and the drawing die comprises a conical hole. The equipment comprises first support means of the sleeve and second support means of the drawing die coupled with each other so as to keep the sleeve and the drawing die in place to allow the wire to advance from the sleeve to the drawing die. The first support means comprises a hole for inserting the metal wire which precedes the hole of the sleeve in the metal wire path; the hole of the first support means is coaxial with the hole of the sleeve and has a smaller diameter than the initial opening of the sleeve hole in the metal wire path.

Vassena, David
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Publication Date:
July 24, 2019
Filing Date:
July 15, 2015
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International Classes:
B21C3/02; B21C9/00
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Seiryu International Patent Service Corporation
Takayoshi in the daytime
Masao Sakaizawa
Yuki Yamada