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Japanese Patent JP6594451
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Disclosed are an automatic shearing apparatus for a cold-rolled plate of variable thickness, and a shearing method using the apparatus. The method comprises that: a thickness gauge (4) and a length-measuring device (3) are successively arranged in front of shears (5); and a control device identifies the profile of a strip material passing through the thickness gauge (4) according to length tracing data and measured thickness values, and determines the position of the strip material at the shears (5), simultaneously compares the profile with the set profile of a plate of continuously variable thickness, and decides the action time of the shears. The apparatus and the method can efficiently and accurately shear rolls of supplied materials of continuously variable thickness into plates of continuously variable thickness which can be directly used by a user.

Bear bear
Lee Shan Ao
Kang Masakazu
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Publication Date:
October 23, 2019
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March 29, 2016
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Baoshan Steel Co., Ltd.
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B21B15/00; B21B1/38; B21B38/04; B21C51/00; B23D36/00
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Fukami patent office