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Japanese Patent JP6608538
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The invention relates to a roll stand (2) for rolling, in particular cold-rolling, metal products, comprising at least one actuator (16) which can be actuated for actively damping vibrations in the roll stand (2), and at least one supporting roll (10) which is non-adjustable or can be adjusted exclusively via a readjusting device for pass line adjustment (13) of the roll stand (2) for supporting a working roll (5) and/or intermediate roll of the roll stand (2), wherein the supporting roll (10) is guided at the ends via a respective bearing unit (11) on a rack (8) of the roll stand (2). In order to enable an optimal active damping of vibrations in a roll stand (2) of this type with low engineering effort, the invention proposes that the supporting roll (10) is supported on the actuator (16) via at least one bearing unit (11) and that the actuator (16) is supported on a section (17) of the rack (8) either directly or indirectly via at least one component (14) of the readjustment device (13).

Kruger Matthias
Richard Sebastian
Ruth Karsten
Broiler michael
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November 20, 2019
Filing Date:
August 18, 2016
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SMS Group Gezelshaft Mito Beschlenktel Haftung
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B21B31/20; B21B37/00; B21B38/00; B21C51/00; F16F15/02
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Mitsufumi Esaki
Atsushi Shinohara
Shinsuke Nakamura