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Japanese Patent JP6639467
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A brewing system includes a brewing apparatus and a capsule containing a substance for brewing. The capsule has an opening on one side and a base on an opposite side. The base includes a light input surface, a light-output surface and a light conductor to conduct light from the light input surface to the light output surface. The apparatus includes: a brewing chamber including an inlet for heated water, an outlet for the brewed beverage, and an opening in communication with the opening of the capsule. A light source on the brewing apparatus emits light into the base via the light inlet surface of the capsule. The light conductor conducts the light to the light-output surface. A light detector of the brewing apparatus detects light emitted by light-output surface on the base of the capsule. A method of operating the brewing system and a capsule system are also described.

カトリン ヘッセルブロック
スヴェン ノイハウス
ヤン パーンケ
ゲロルト シャンドル
アンドレアス エベッケ
ファビアン ラーシュ
トーマス ヴェーバー
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Publication Date:
February 05, 2020
Filing Date:
June 03, 2015
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Melitta Single Portions GmbH & Co. KG
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A47J31/44; A47J31/06; A47J31/36; B65D77/00
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森田 拓
前川 純一
二宮 浩康
上島 類