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Japanese Patent JP6644142
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The invention relates to a device 1 for positioning an edging roll 10 of an edging stand, comprising an edging frame 12 to which at least one balancing cylinder 14 is attached, a balancing crossbeam 16 with a drive side 18 positioned opposite of the edging frame 12, and a working side 19 positioned opposite of the drive side 18, wherein a bearing device 20 for the edging roll 10 can be attached, in particular in an interlocking manner, to the balancing crossbeam 16 on the working side 19 thereof and at least one linkage 24 is provided on the drive side 18 thereof, by which linkage the balancing cylinder 14 is in an operative connection with the balancing crossbeam 16, and at least one positioning cylinder 26 attached to the edging frame 12 can be brought into an operative connection with the bearing device (20) in the direction of a rolled material in order to position the edging roll 10 against the rolled material, wherein the compressive force generated by the positioning cylinder 26 acts on the bearing device 20 along an operational axis 28, which either intersects with the at least one linkage 24 by which the balancing cylinder 14 is operatively connected with the balancing crossbeam 16 or runs directly alongside this linkage 24.

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February 12, 2020
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October 24, 2016
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Mitsufumi Esaki
Atsushi Shinohara
Shinsuke Nakamura