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Japanese Patent JP6694481
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To provide an epoch-making drying apparatus for a coating apparatus which provides excellent drying performance.SOLUTION: A drying apparatus for a coating apparatus according to the present invention is arranged such that two Coanda nozzle units 3 are disposed between two adjacent pivotably supporting rollers 2 of a plurality of pivotably supporting rollers 2 so as to face each other, that hot blast ejected from one Coanda nozzle unit 3 reduces an amount of hot blast from the other Coanda nozzle nit 3 toward the pivotably supporting rollers 2 provided on a side of the other Coanda nozzle unit 3, that an infrared-ray irradiating coating 5 for irradiating infrared ray by heating an upper surface portion of a hot air flow guiding plate 4 provided at each of the Coanda nozzle units 3 is formed to dry coating liquid coated on an upper surface of a substrate 40 by heating action by the Coanda nozzle units 3 and heating action by infrared rays irradiated from the infrared ray irradiating coating 5.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

Kazuo Nishizawa
Tomoyasu Hayakawa
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May 13, 2020
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August 25, 2018
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Clean Technology Co., Ltd.
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F26B13/10; F26B21/00
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Tsuyoshi Yoshii
Masae Yoshii
Shotaro Yoshii