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Japanese Patent JP6702266
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To provide a compound roll for hot rolling particularly excellent in wear resistance and thermal fatigue characteristic and furthermore having no segregation of carbides even when producing by an economically-excellent centrifugal casting process.SOLUTION: A compound roll for hot rolling includes in mass%, 2.40-2.90% of C, 0.10-0.50% of Si, 0.10-0.80% of Mn, 12.0-15.0% of Cr, 4.00-8.00% of Mo, 3.00-8.00% of V, 0.50-3.00% of Nb, less than 1.00% (including 0%) of W, the balance Fe with inevitable impurities, and satisfies the following expressions (1) and (2): 0.40≤Mo/Cr≤0.65 ... (1) and C+0.2Cr≤5.90 ... (2) (here, Mo, Cr and C are the contents (mass%) of respective elements). The total area ratio of MC type carbide and MCtype carbide is 15 to 27%. Further, an outer layer in which the percentage of MCtype carbide is two out of ten, or more in the above total area ratio, and an inner layer of cast iron comprising in mass%, 2.50-4.00% of C, 1.50-3.50% of Si, 1.50% or less of Mn, 2.00% or less of Cr, 1.00% or less of Mo, 3.00% or less of V, 2.00% or less of Nb and the balance Fe with inevitable impurities are deposition-integrated.SELECTED DRAWING: None

Takeshi Suzuki
Kenji Ichino
Iwata Naomichi
Shoichi Matsumura
Hiromitsu Shibata
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May 27, 2020
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June 02, 2017
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jfe Steel Corporation
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B21B27/00; B21B27/02; C22C37/00; C22C38/00; C22C38/36
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Isomura Tetsuro
Akira Kumasaka
Tetsuya Sakai
Kazuhiro Mori