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Japanese Patent JP6703771
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method for producing a copolymer that is excellent in adhesiveness to a fluororesin and can be used as a modifier for a fluororesin capable of being designed with a high degree of freedom in accordance with desired properties to be modified.SOLUTION: The method for producing a copolymer is a method for producing a copolymer for the modification of a fluororesin. The copolymer for the modification of a fluororesin is a copolymer of (A) a first monomer and (B) a second monomer. The first monomer (A) is any one monomer selected from (meth)acrylate, (meth)acrylamide, vinyl ether, vinyl ester, siloxane, α olefin and substituted styrene each having a fluorinated alkyl group represented by a specific formula in a side chain thereof and the second monomer (B) is a monomer having a functional group such as oxyalkylene, amide, amino, sulfo or the like.SELECTED DRAWING: None

Shigeru Yao
Nakano Ryoko
Ai Maeda
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Publication Date:
June 03, 2020
Filing Date:
September 18, 2015
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Fukuoka University
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C09D127/12; C08F214/18; C08F293/00; C08J7/00; C08J7/04; C09D123/00; C09D133/04; C09K3/00
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Hisashi Kato
Keita Tohsaka
Mori Hiroshi
Toru Minase