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Japanese Patent JP6715366
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To cool an opening/closing mechanism for opening and closing a door of a horizontal furnace with a simpler structure in a thermal treatment device.SOLUTION: A thermal treatment device 1 includes: a horizontal furnace 3 having an opening 7a horizontally disposed and a door 2; an opening and closing mechanism 6 for opening and closing the door 2; and a scavenger part 12 which encloses a periphery of the opening 7a and is used to generate airflow in the periphery of the opening 7a. The scavenger part 12 includes a cooling opening 8. An introduction part 31 of the cooling opening 8 is provided so as to cause a cooling gas to flow in the scavenger part 12, and a part of the opening and closing mechanism 6 is disposed in the introduction part 31.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

Shinichi Ikeda
Fumio Umeda
Nishioka Masahiro
Yoshihiko Urasaki
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Publication Date:
July 01, 2020
Filing Date:
April 04, 2019
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Koyo Thermo System Co., Ltd.
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F27D9/00; F27B5/16; F27D1/18; F27D7/06
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Patents corporation Blitas