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Japanese Patent JP6720659
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a liquid draining device of a base material that after cleaning the base material having a curve shape, can surely drain liquid to prevent occurrence of a cleaning trace.SOLUTION: A liquid draining device 100 of a base material includes a base material support part 31 configured to at least partially support a base material P having a curve shape, a gas injection part 33 configured to inject gas, and a relative movement mechanism configured to relatively move the support base support part 31 and the gas injection part 33. The relative movement mechanism is configured to adjust a jetting angle θ formed by a gas injection direction from the gas injection part 33 and a normal direction of a base material surface, according to change of the normal direction of the base material surface with relative movement.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 2

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Junji Hori
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July 08, 2020
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April 12, 2016
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AGC Inc.
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F26B5/00; B08B5/02; F26B13/04
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Patent business corporation glory patent office