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Japanese Patent JP6815422
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To provide a cargo handling device that can hold an article further certainly.SOLUTION: The cargo handling device in one embodiment includes a holding section, a driving section, an article identifying section, a holding recognition section, a determination section and a controlling section. The holding section holds an article. The driving section moves the holding section. The article identifying section identifies the condition of the article positioned in a storage area. The holding recognition section recognizes the holding condition of the holding section. The determination section determines whether the condition of the holding section is stable or unstable on the basis of the recognition results of the holding recognition section. The controlling section controls the holding section and the driving section, controls the first holding action that the holding section holds the article at a holding position determined based on the recognition results of the article recognition section, and controls the second holding action that the holding section holds the article again after changing the holding position if the holding condition is determined to be unstable.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

Haruna Eto
Shuichi Nakamoto
Akito Ogawa
Takashi Sonoura
Junya Tanaka
Kazuo Watanabe
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Publication Date:
January 20, 2021
Filing Date:
February 19, 2019
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Toshiba Corporation
International Classes:
B65G59/04; B25J13/08; B25J15/06
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Kurata Masatoshi
Nobuhisa Nogawa
Takashi Mine
Naoki Kono
Tadashi Inoue
Sanae Kaneko