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Japanese Patent JP6852082
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The invention is directed to a method for the construction of an industrial plant, in particular a petroleum refinery, by means of scaffolding units, each of which will be assembled from individual scaffolding components, comprising the following steps: Providing a 3D-construction plan in which building structures of the industrial plant are recorded; Drawing of scaffolding units to be used for the construction of the industrial plant in the 3D construction plan of the industrial plant including modifying of the 3D construction plan with respect to at least one building structure of the industrial plant for use of a predetermined scaffolding unit; Building of the industrial plant according to the modified construction plan and by use of the scaffolding units drawn in the 3D construction plan. The method according to the invention, allows for a significant reduction of scaffolding costs incurred during the construction of any industrial plant. The cost saving effects of the method according to the invention can be further increased by modifying the construction plan, wherever possible, for the use of the predetermined scaffolding units which may be of different or equal design.

Grassa, Giovanni
Lawrence, Dave
Skeleton rod
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March 31, 2021
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February 23, 2017
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G06F30/10; E04G1/17; G06F30/13
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Patent Service Corporation Tanigawa International Patent Office