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Japanese Patent JP6910076
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A printing apparatus and method are disclosed for printing on conical objects. An ink image is deposited onto the outer release surface of an intermediate transfer member (ITM) having the form of a flexible endless belt. After drying of the ink image on the ITM, the ITM transports the dried ink image to an impression station having a nip at which the ink image is transferred onto the objects. In order to permit printing on conical objects, the ITM is elastically deformable at least in the direction of movement of the ITM, and is guided in such a manner as to be elongated during passage through the impression station, the extent of elongation varying across the width of the ITM so as to match the surface velocity of the ITM to that of the object over the entire line of contact between the ITM and the object at the nip.

Benzion landa
Surge Abramovich
Anton Krasilynikov
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Publication Date:
July 28, 2021
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May 30, 2017
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Randa Loves (2012) Limited
International Classes:
B41J2/01; B65C9/04
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Kenji Sugimura
Mitsutsugu Sugimura