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Japanese Patent JP6910079
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The present invention relates to a shoe, and in order to provide a shoe excellent in convenience, easy to put on and take off, inexpensive, light-weight, comfortable to wear, promoting health and exhibiting excellent extensibility, the easily wearable shoe according to the present invention is characterized by the shapes of an outer layer and inner sacs corresponding to various body organs, additionally including a shoe outer layer, sacs of a stretchable material joined mainly inside the outer layer, and an intake inlet/outlet that is formed of a valve that takes in and discharges an air-like gas into/from the sacs, facilitating the insertion of a foot by injecting the gas from the intake inlet/outlet into the sacs and causing the sacs and the shoe outer layer to be flexible, discharging the gas from the intake outlet so as to cause the shoe outer cover and the sacs to contract and come into close contact with the foot, being capable of freely setting an effect from the shoe on a body organ due to the shapes of the outer layer and the inner sacs corresponding to various body organs, and being capable of effectively extending the functions of the shoe.

Sota Suzuki
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Publication Date:
July 28, 2021
Filing Date:
September 29, 2019
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Sota Suzuki
International Classes:
A43B23/02; A43B7/02; A43B11/00
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Eizo Tomono