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Japanese Patent JP6926626
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a grinder system capable of achieving enhancement of processing efficiency while executing truing at an optimum period.SOLUTION: A grinder 1 has a truer 60 which carries out truing of a grinding wheel 50, a sensor 100 which detects surface roughness of a workpiece W, and a control device 110 which controls truing with respect to the grinding wheel 50. The control device 110 includes: a grinding number setting unit which sets the number of the workpieces W to be ground until truing is carried out next time after truing that has been carried out as the number M of ground workpieces; a truing period determination unit 132 which determines whether or not the number of the workpieces W ground by the grinding wheel 50 reaches the number M of the ground workpieces, after truing by the truer 60; and a grinding number determination unit 134 which determines whether or not the set number M of ground workpieces is appropriate based on the detection result of the sensor 100, and re-sets the number M of the ground workpieces used after a next time based on the determination result.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 3

Hiroshi Morita
Eiji Fukuda
Mitsuharu Ishihara
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Publication Date:
August 25, 2021
Filing Date:
April 21, 2017
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JTEKT Corporation
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B24B53/00; B24B5/04; B24B49/12
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Patent Business Corporation Aichi International Patent Office
Kiichi Yamamoto
Kobayashi Osamu
Kimura Gunji