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Japanese Patent JP6964639
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A first electric suspension device includes a first electromagnetic actuator that is provided between the vehicle body and a wheel of a vehicle and generates a driving force for damping vibration of the vehicle. The first electromagnetic actuator includes a columnar rod member and a casing surrounding the rod member and being provided capable of moving forward and backward axially relative to the rod member. The rod member has a conductive shaft and a tubular pipe portion surrounding the shaft. First ends of rod-side armature coils provided in the rod member are connected to the shaft. Power supply to the rod-side armature coils provided in the rod member is performed through the shaft of the rod member.

Mountain Saki Ryosuke
Takashi Yanagi
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Publication Date:
November 10, 2021
Filing Date:
October 02, 2019
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Honda motor industry stock company
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F16F15/03; B60G17/015; H02K33/16; H02K41/03
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Isono International Patent and Trademark Office

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