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Japanese Patent JP7024485
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To provide an injection control device which is improved in accuracy of a power supply.SOLUTION: This injection control device comprises a boosting circuit for boosting a voltage supplied from a battery up to a preset boosting voltage, and a step-down circuit for stepping down the boosting voltage outputted from the boosting circuit to a prescribed valve-opening voltage necessary for valve-opening a fuel injection valve of an injector and supplying the valve-opening voltage to the injector. The boosting circuit is a circuit having a first charge capacitor, and boosting voltage by charging electricity to the first charge capacitor. A step-down circuit is a circuit having a second charge capacitor, and made to have variation of the valve-opening voltage smaller than the variation of the boosting voltage. Then, a charge of the second charge capacitor in the step-down circuit is finished before the valve-opening of the fuel injection valve is started.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

Yang Shinami
Masahiro Ito
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February 24, 2022
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February 20, 2018
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F02M51/06; F02D41/22; F02M51/00; H01F7/18
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Kazuyuki Yahagi
Taihei Nonobe
Takanori Kubo