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Japanese Patent JP7085259
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To provide a technology that can reflect a change in condition in a vehicle periphery on a determination of a driving route at an early stage.SOLUTION: An electronic control unit 10 comprises: an image acquisition unit 32 that acquires a shooting image SI having a driving direction of a vehicle 100 shot; a motion state detection unit 35 that detects a motion state of a moving motion body MB moving along the driving direction of the vehicle; and a driving route control unit 20 that defines a drivable area DA where vehicle driving is allowed, using the shooting image, and determines a driving route of the vehicle in the drivable area. The driving route control unit is configured to: extract an area where a three-dimensional object obstructing the vehicle driving is not detected from the shooting image as the drivable area; and change a location of at least a part of boundaries BD and BDm of the drivable area in accordance with a motion state of the motion body reflected in the shooting image, and use the changed position in determining the driving route of the vehicle.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

Maeda Yu
Takaharu Oguri
Keiji Matsuoka
Masaya Okada
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Publication Date:
June 16, 2022
Filing Date:
June 22, 2018
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B60W30/095; G06T7/00; B60W40/02; G08G1/00; G08G1/16
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Patent Attorney Corporation Meisei International Patent Office