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Japanese Patent JP7102340
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Method for manufacturing a tube of metal in which sensors are attached to tubes, which register and signal a damage of the tube. It is detrimental that protection of the sensors at these tubes against environmental influences is complex. In contrast, it is an object of the present disclosure to provide a method for manufacturing a tube, in which the signal line can be protectively mounted. To solve this object, a method for manufacturing a tube of metal is suggested with an outer tube and an inner tube, wherein a groove is drawn in an inner surface of the outer tube or in an outer surface of the inner tube and subsequently the inner tube and the outer tube are drawn together through a drawing die, wherein the inner dimension of the outer tube is reduced such that after the drawing the outer tube is force-fitted onto the inner tube.

Rosean, Jonas
Headbar, Christopher
Raufman, Udo
Frobese, Thomas
Finsette, Leandro
Guinelstead, Jonas
Hedbrom, Erica
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Publication Date:
July 19, 2022
Filing Date:
November 16, 2016
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Sandvik Materials Technology Deutschland Gamem Beher
International Classes:
B21C37/06; B21C1/00; F16L9/02
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Sonoda/Kobayashi Patent Business Corporation