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Japanese Patent JP7154128
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This blood purification device 1 is provided with a blood circuit 2 which extracorporeally circulates a patient's blood, a feed circuit 4 which supplies a feed solution to the blood circuit 2 or to a blood purifier 3 provided in the blood circuit 2, and heaters 65, 75 which are provided in the feed circuit 4 and heat the feed solution. The heaters 65, 75 are configured to hold from both sides a heating circuit 66, which is part of the feed circuit 4, and comprise: a heater 654 which is provided on a holding surface 651a that holds the heating circuit 66; a heater temperature detection unit which can detect the temperature of the heater 654; and a solution temperature detecting temperature sensor 656 which can detect the temperature of the feed solution flowing through the heating circuit 66 and which is positioned away from the heater 654 on the holding surface 651a and, when the heating circuit 66 is held from both sides, is positioned contacting the heating circuit 66 downstream, in the feed direction, of the portion heated by the heater 654.

Tomohiro Furuhashi
Hideto Maki
Ferenc Kazinzi
Yuki Eda
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October 17, 2022
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December 28, 2018
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A61M1/16; A61M1/34
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Hirata International Patent Office