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Japanese Patent JP7249218
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To efficiently grind a workpiece when different kinds of work sets are continuously grinding-processed.SOLUTION: A grinding device 1 includes thickness measurement means 5 having: upper surface height measurement means 50 having an upper surface probe 500 for making contact with an upper surface Wa of a workpiece W; holding surface height measurement means 51, with a probe 510 for contacting a first measurement surface 21A and a probe 512 for contacting the second measurement surface 21A being connected to a support part 514 in a bifurcated manner via a first arm 511 and a second arm 513, respectively; and calculation means 52 for calculating a thickness of the workpiece W on the basis of a difference in measured heights. When switching between grinding processing of a first work set U1 and grinding processing of a third work set U3, the grinding processing can be efficiently performed without requiring adjustment to a positional relationship between the first probe 510 and the first measurement surface 21A of the holding surface height measurement means 51 and a positional relationship between the second probe 512 and the second measurement surface 21B.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

Rogue wave
Hideki Matsui
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March 30, 2023
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July 02, 2019
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Disco Co., Ltd.
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B24B49/04; B24B41/06; B24B49/10
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Patent Attorney Corporation Tokyo Alpa Patent Office