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Japanese Patent JP7257476
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Techniques are disclosed for controlling robots based on generated robot simulations. A robot simulation application is configured to receive a robot definition specifying the geometry of a robot, a list of points defining a toolpath that a head of the robot follows during an operation, and a number of simulations of the robot performing the operation. The simulation application then performs the number of simulations, displays results of those simulations, and generates code for controlling a physical robot based on a user selection of one of those simulations. During each simulation, if a robotic problem, such as an axis limit or a singularity problem, is encountered, then the simulation application attempts to resolve the problem by rotating the robot head in both directions about a tool axis and determining a smallest angle of rotation in either direction that resolves the robotic problem, if any.

Matthew vest
Ficreto flounder
Franz Mesmer
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April 13, 2023
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September 30, 2021
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Autodesk, Incorporated
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Shusaku Yamamoto
Morishita Natsuki