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Japanese Patent JP7292620
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Provided is a corrosive environment monitoring device capable of monitoring the condition of a turbine for a long period of time without corrosion damage to a sensor caused by turbine steam. A corrosive environment monitoring device 10 includes: a steam extraction part 11 that extracts steam from inside of a casing 21 of a steam turbine 22 to outside thereof; a condensed water storage part 12 that stores therein condensed water produced by condensation of steam passing through the steam extraction part; and a corrosion factor sensor part 13 that detects properties of the condensed water. The condensed water storage part 12 includes a gap simulation part that simulates a gap inside the turbine and has a predetermined gap capable of storing the condensed water therein, and an annular channel formed on an outer periphery side of the gap simulation part. The corrosion factor sensor part 13 includes one or more sensors capable of measuring the properties of the condensed water, and a switching part configured to be capable of switching between contact and non-contact between the one or more sensors and the condensed water stored in the gap simulation part.

Yosuke Abe
Sakae Izumi
Yoshihiro Sakai
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Publication Date:
June 19, 2023
Filing Date:
July 15, 2021
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Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.
International Classes:
G01N17/02; F01D25/00; F01D25/32
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Shoichi Okuyama
Ayako Nakamura
Soji Morimoto
Yu Tanaka

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