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Japanese Patent JP7378083
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To provide a powder molding device where the uniformity of the thickness of a powder molded body is improved.SOLUTION: A powder molding device 100 continuously forming a powder molded body comprises: a material supply part 15 having screws 4a, 4b transporting a powder material 101 in a rotary shaft direction by rotation driving; and a pressure molding part 16 which has rolls 12a, 12b disposed in parallel at a predetermined interval and where the powder material 101 supplied from the material supply part 15 by the rolls 12a, 12b is pressed and molded to a powder molded body 13. At least any one of the rolls 12a, 12b has a first surface 10 formed along the outer periphery of the rolls 12a, 12b and a second surface 20 formed at a part except the first surface 10 at a part positioning at both ends of the powder molded body 13 in an axial direction of the rolls 12a, 12b in the surfaces of the rolls 12a, 12b. The surface roughness of the first surface 10 is larger than that of the second surface 20.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

Yoshiken Shishida
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November 13, 2023
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December 24, 2019
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Panasonic IP Management Co., Ltd.
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B30B11/18; B30B3/00; B30B11/00
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Michiko Matsutani
Hiroshi Okabe
Kenichi Nakatani

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