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Japanese Patent JP7398810
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A system for trapping ions for measurement thereof may include an electrostatic linear ion trap (ELIT), a source of ions to supply ions to the ELIT, a processor operatively coupled to ELIT, and a memory having instructions stored therein executable by the processor to produce at least one control signal to open the ELIT to allow ions supplied by the source of ions to enter the ELIT, determine an ion inlet frequency corresponding to a frequency of ions flowing from the source of ions into the open ELIT, generate or receive a target ion charge value, determine an optimum threshold value as a function of the target ion charge value and the determined ion inlet frequency, and produce at least one control signal to close the ELIT when a charge of an ion within the ELIT exceeds the optimum threshold value to thereby trap the ion in the ELIT.

Jarold, Martin F
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Publication Date:
December 15, 2023
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January 11, 2019
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The Trustees of Indiana University
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H01J49/42; G01N27/62; G01N27/622; H01J49/00; H01J49/02; H01J49/06; H01J49/40
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David Z. Keifer et al.,Charge detection mass spectrometry: weighing heavier things,Analyst,2017年,Vol. 142,pp.1654-1671
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Osamu Yamamoto
Toru Miyamae
Junichi Matsuo
Ryota Suematsu