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Japanese Patent JP7428898
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To provide a molding system that enables a large molding body to be safely rotated from a standing state to a lying state.SOLUTION: In a molding system of the present invention, which is equipped with a molding machine, a gripping device, and a placing device, the molding machine is configured to mold a parison extruded from a head using a pair of molds that can be opened and closed to form a molded body consisting of a molded product and burrs around it, the gripping device is configured to grasp an upper burr located on the upper side of the molded product among the burrs, the placing device is equipped with a base, a placing table, and a tilting mechanism, the tilting mechanism is configured to change a tilt angle of the placing table relative to the base, the gripping device places the molded body on the placing table in an inclined state where the placing table is at an angle, and then, the tilting mechanism is configured to reduce the tilt angle of the placing table.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

Kazuhiro Goto
Satoru Kinoshita
Tadatoshi Tanji
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February 07, 2024
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July 27, 2020
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Kyoraku Co., Ltd.
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B29C49/04; B29C49/42; B29C51/10; B29C51/26
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SK Patent Attorney Corporation
Akihiko Okuno
Hiroyuki Ito