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Japanese Patent JP7457772
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Provided is a technique capable of easily performing a microbial test with high accuracy. A microbial test kit of the present disclosure includes: a first syringe capable of collecting a specimen and having a first syringe needle; a second syringe containing an ATP extraction reagent and having a second syringe needle; a sealed reaction container having a first opening, a first sealing member fitted to the first opening, a nozzle, a nozzle cap covering the nozzle, and a filter disposed so as to partition the first opening and the nozzle; a waste liquid container including a second opening and a second sealing member fitted to the second opening, and sealed under reduced pressure; and a luminescence measurement container that includes a third opening and a third sealing member fitted to the third opening, stores a luminescent reagent that emits light in presence of ATP, and is sealed under reduced pressure.

Hideyuki Noda
Mako Ishimaru
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Publication Date:
March 28, 2024
Filing Date:
October 25, 2022
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Hitachi High-Tech Co., Ltd.
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C12M1/34; C12Q1/22; C12Q1/66
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Patent Attorney Corporation Hiraki International Patent Office