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Japanese Patent JP7464280
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Provided are an environmentally-friendly high-efficiency method of manufacturing an ester compound based on an esterification reaction using a salt ion-exchange method and an ester compound manufactured thereby. In the conventional esterification reaction, an ester was produced in low yields due to the hydrolysis (i.e., reverse reaction) caused by water, or it was required to continuously supply hydrochloric acid gas or use thionyl chloride, which is a hazardous material, and thus there were limitations in terms of environmental friendliness or cost. On the other hand, in the present invention, hydrochloric acid gas is continuously supplied using the salt ion-exchange method, and since magnesium sulfate acts as a dehydrating agent, the water generated in the esterification reaction is removed, and thus the occurrence of hydrolysis (i.e., reverse reaction) is suppressed and a conversion rate to the desired ester compound is increased. In addition, since the reactants are inexpensive and the product is less hazardous and easy to handle, a more efficient reaction is possible.

Kim Gayoung
Lee Sung Woon
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April 09, 2024
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November 24, 2020
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Woodward Bio Corporation
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C07C67/08; C07C69/14; C07C69/24; C07C69/84; C07C277/00; C07C279/14
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Shinji Aida
Chung Motoki
Kyoko Aida
Hiroshi Hattori