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Japanese Patent JPH03501104
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A reinforcement for thin film materials is provided by coating the films (10) with an ink-type material (12). Ink coating of moisture vapor-permeable films such as polyurethane allows for a film suitable for use on skin which has an optimal rate of moisture vapor transmission. If desired, an adhesive can be provided on the ink-coated polyurethane membrane, and such materials are suitable for retaining I.V. needles and the like in place on a patient.

Abraham, William W..
Genteria, John S.
Application Number:
Publication Date:
March 14, 1991
Filing Date:
May 11, 1988
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Commed Incorporated
International Classes:
A61M5/158; A61F13/00; A61F13/02; A61L15/42; A61L15/58; A61L31/00; B32B3/00; B32B7/02; B32B27/40; C09D11/02; C09D11/10; C09J7/22; C09J7/25; A61F13/15; (IPC1-7): A61L15/58; A61L31/00; A61M5/158; B32B3/00; B32B7/02; B32B27/40; C09D11/02; C09D11/10; C09J7/02
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Eiji Saegusa (2 others)