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Japanese Patent JPH05503247
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A comprehensive gas filtering unit in which the preferred embodiment includes sheet(s) of flexible, coilable, permeable, carbon impregnated fabric that are spirally wound around a center structure is disclosed. Active gas filtering spacers are optionally employed between the adjacent layers of wound fabric to physically separate same, thus creating air flow channel(s). Further, the active filtering spacers promote pneumatic agitation and pressure differentials. The air path typically is shaped to varying patterns including an outward flow perpendicular to or traversing the layers of the filtering fabric; flow through the actively filtering spacers; and parallel flow along the surfaces of the filtering fabric and the actively filtering spacers, with varying combinations of these patterns repeatedly occurring throughout the gas filtering chamber. Each spacer contains one or more of a variety of types of filtering agents with spacers being employed in combination in the filtering unit, in order to effectively handle a diverse group of contaminant gases. In one embodiment a central manifold structure utilizes airflow infuser wings that facilitate attachment of the fabric. The airflow infuser wings form inlets to the filtering channels and provide structural support for the channels. The infuser wings are strategically positioned around a central air handling impeller wheel that forces air outward through the infuser wings and subsequently into the filtering channels. This direct entry of the air results in minimal resistance to the airflow.

Randy, Keith
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June 03, 1993
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October 03, 1991
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Randy, Keith
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B01D46/24; B01D53/04; B01D53/14; B01D53/34; B01D53/81; B01D39/14; F01N3/021; F01N3/033; F01N3/08; (IPC1-7): B01D39/14; B01D46/24; B01D53/04; B01D53/14; B01D53/34
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Toshio Yano (1 outside)