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Japanese Patent JPH05507095
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A plurality of protein antigen fragments have been isolated from the cytoplasm of epithelial adenocarcinoma cells. The protein antigens are useful in the detection of endometrial antibodies which are indicative of endometriosis. The antigens can be attached to water insoluble supports or detectably labeled to form reagents. Detection of endometrial antibodies is accomplished by reacting the antigen with the antibodies in a specimen sample followed by detection of the resulting complex. The antigens can be supplied as a buffered composition in a diagnostic test kit.

Fenton, Sandra Slikowski
Strasburg, Tammy Brown
Sullivan, Cheryl Sanford
Zelsey, robert william
Application Number:
Publication Date:
October 14, 1993
Filing Date:
April 09, 1992
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Eastman Kodak Company
International Classes:
A61K39/00; A61K39/395; C07K14/435; C07K14/47; C07K19/00; C12P21/00; G01N33/53; G01N33/574; C12R1/91; (IPC1-7): C07K15/06; A61K39/00
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Aoki Akira (4 outside)