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Japanese Patent JPH07110521
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PURPOSE:To shorten a cycle time and to improve safety by disposing three types of drums at the same linear line with at least two of three types of drums for forming a tire molding system on the same axis, and simultaneously feeding a conveyor only linearly. CONSTITUTION:A band drum 1 is supported at its shaft 2 to a molding machine 3, which has a driver for the drum 1. A shaping drum is made of left and right units 5a, 5b, and supported to a power unit 10 by a shaft 6. A belt drum 8 is supported to the unit 10 by a shaft 9, which is formed in a follow state, through which the shaft 6 of the shaping drum is passed to be coaxially disposed. The unit 10 has the shaping drums 5a, 5b and the belt drum 8, and the machine 3 and the unit 10 are so secured that the drum shaft is concentrically disposed at both ends of a center base 13. A band conveyor 4 and a belt conveyor 7 having a bead setter are fed linearly on the base 13.

Somame Sato
Nobuhiko Irie
Yoshinori Miyamoto
Jiro Agawa
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Publication Date:
November 29, 1995
Filing Date:
October 17, 1988
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B29D30/08; B29D30/20; (IPC1-7): B29D30/08
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Shigefumi Okamoto (2 others)