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Japanese Patent JPH0744197
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PURPOSE: To provide a manufacturing method of an innerseal having a tamper evident function and capable of being easily opened. CONSTITUTION: This manufacturing method comprises following processes (a)-(g). (a) A process for supplying a tabbing web 39, (b) a process for supplying a sealing web 37, (c) a process for supplying a tab liner web 35, (d) a process for forming a nip 47, (e) a process for supplying the tabbing web 39 and the sealing web 37 to the nip 47 with the tab liner web 35, heating the webs 39, 37, 35 by each nip 47, and integrally pressing them to form an innerseal web 54, (f) a process for cooling the innerseal web 54, and (g) a process for forming the innerseal of a desired size by cutting the innerseal web 54.

Roger Jose Pereira
Pierre Howard Rupert
Wayne Keith Morris
Teresa Irene McCarthy
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Publication Date:
November 07, 1995
Filing Date:
April 08, 1993
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Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company
International Classes:
B29D22/00; B65B7/28; B65D41/32; B65D47/36; B65D50/12; B65D51/18; (IPC1-7): B65D47/36; B65D41/32
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Aoyama Ryo (1 person outside)