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Japanese Patent JPH07507740
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Manufacturing process of panels or finished products, particularly for thermic, sound and similar insulation, by using raw materials like the paper, the Bristol board, the cardboard and similar materials, which are in succession or at deferred times cut to obtain particles with reduced dimensions, mixed to fire-retardant, adhesives, and bonding agents, and additives of various types and compressed at heated or cooled conditions and finally dried and packed. There are described different possibilities of performing the process and different embodiments as well as use modes of the so obtained panels or finished products.

De Santi, clown
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Publication Date:
August 31, 1995
Filing Date:
December 23, 1993
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Elisadi de Santi clown
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B09B3/00; B29B11/12; B29B13/10; B29B17/00; B27N3/00; B29B17/04; B31D1/00; D21J3/00; E04B1/78; E04C2/26; D21H23/00; D21J1/00; (IPC1-7): B27N3/00; B09B3/00; B29B17/00; B31D1/00
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Kensuke Isshiki (2 outside)

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