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Japanese Patent JPH0753286
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The invention relates to a device for the axial shifting of rotating shafts, in particular rolling-mill rolls (1). The intention is to present a shifting device with which even high shifting forces can be reliably transmitted and which can be assembled rapidly and easily. The invention therefore provides that the axial shifting be effected by means of a clamping arrangement (3) which is in releasable operative connection with the roll journal (8) of a rolling-mill roll (1). The releasable clamping connection between clamping arrangement (3) and roll journal (8) is here of positively engaging design. It is particularly expedient if the clamping arrangement (3) is designed as a compact unit consisting of a clamping head (10), with at least one axially prestressed compression spring (13), which acts on the clamping discs (14) acting as clamping elements, the clamping discs (14) clamping a radially elastic clamping bush (15) to the roll journal (8), the clamping discs (14) being releasable from their clamping position by means of a hydraulic fluid counter to the action of the compression spring (13) and the clamping discs (14) being, on the one hand, supported axially against a housing part (10) and, on the other hand, braced against the compression spring (13) via an axially shiftable hollow cylinder (16), and the clamping bush (15) being provided in the region of the clamping discs (14) acting on it with an inner profiling (19) which, together with the complementary profiling (18) on the roll journal (8), forms the releasable clamping connection.

Helmut Zezzer
Axel sprenger
Josef Scheppenfeld
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June 07, 1995
Filing Date:
June 03, 1988
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SMS Syu Lehmann Siemag Actien Gezel Shaft
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B21B31/18; B21B35/14; B29C43/24; B29C43/58; (IPC1-7): B21B31/18; B29C43/24; B29C43/58
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Takehisa Ito