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Japanese Patent JPH09504023
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The invention provides novel acrylamide functional disubstituted acetyl aryl ketones and a process for their preparation in high yields uncontaminated by difunctional material. The invention further provides photocrosslinkable compositions comprising one or more ethylenically-unsaturated monomers and as photoinitiator the acrylamide functional disubstituted acetyl aryl ketone of the invention. The compositions are useful for the preparation of films and coatings, particularly pressure-sensitive adhesive coatings.

Babe, Gaddam N.
Healman, Stephen M.
Smith, Howell K. The Second
Winslow, Louis Yi.
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Publication Date:
April 22, 1997
Filing Date:
September 16, 1994
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Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company
International Classes:
C07D295/10; B32B27/00; C07C233/49; C07C233/52; C07C237/22; C07C327/22; C07C327/28; C07D263/18; C07D263/52; C07D295/108; C08F2/46; C08F2/50; C08F20/52; C08F20/58; C08F20/60; C08F26/00; C08F226/06; C08F290/00; C08F299/02; C08F299/04; C08F299/06; C09D4/00; C09D4/06; C09D155/00; C09J4/00; C09J4/06; C09J7/02; (IPC1-7): C07C233/49; B32B27/00; C07C233/52; C07C237/22; C07C327/22; C07D295/10; C08F2/50; C08F20/58; C08F20/60; C08F226/06; C08F299/02; C08F299/04; C08F299/06; C09D4/06; C09J4/06; C09J7/02
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Takashi Ishida (3 others)