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Japanese Patent JPH09509377
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A method of preparing a fluoropolymer composite tube comprising the steps of forming a fluoropolymer substrate (1, 14), and thereafter layering and chemically bonding the fluoropolymer with a thermosetting or thermoplastic elastomer (1, 16). The fluoropolymer substrate (1, 14) can be activated by subjecting the substrate to a charged gaseous atmosphere which contacts the substrate. Thereafter, a layer of a thermosetting or thermoplastic elastomer is applied to the activated fluoropolymer substrate resulting in a stronger chemical bond. The ionizing step can be described as a mixed gas plasma discharge or an electrically formed plasma. The thermosetting elastomer can contain a curing agent. In particular, this invention describes a fuel pipe comprised of an inner fluorocarbon layer having electrostatic discharge resistance and hydrocarbon evaporative emission resistance, and on top of and integral with the fluorocarbon layer, an outer layer of a thermosetting or thermoplastic elastomer chemically bonded to the fluorocarbon layer. Fluoropolymer layers have excellent chemical resistance.

Klaus, Edward, Kay.
Kenzel, Kennis, Jay.
Woodward, Frederick
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Publication Date:
September 22, 1997
Filing Date:
June 24, 1994
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Pilot Industries. Inc.
International Classes:
B29C48/09; B29C48/34; B29C59/08; B32B27/30; B29C59/14; B29D22/00; B32B27/08; F16L9/12; (IPC1-7): B32B27/30; B29D22/00
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Hiroyuki Niwa