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Japanese Patent JPH09510260
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An integrated module with a heated reservoir to vaporize liquid for semiconductor processes with liquid sources is presented. Shut-off valves and a proportioning pressure valve for controlling the flow of the vapor from the reservoir are mounted on the module for simple conduction heating of the valves. A capacitance manometer also mounted to the module also has its own heating elements. Condensation of the vapor is avoided and consistence performance and reliability is obtained.

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Publication Date:
October 14, 1997
Filing Date:
March 08, 1995
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International Classes:
C23C16/44; C23C16/448; F22B1/28; H01L21/205; H01L21/31; (IPC1-7): C23C16/44; H01L21/205; H01L21/31
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Fukami Hisaro (3 outside)