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Japanese Patent JPH09510514
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The present invention provides a sleeve configured to be assembled through a wall-breaching hole so as to prevent the passage of flame and smoke therethrough. The sleeve has a barrel with a fixedly secured flange on one end thereof. An intumescent sheet material is adhered to the inner and the outer surface of the barrel. After passing the barrel through the hole in the wall, a second flange is mounted on the second end of the barrel. Each flange is fastened to a respective side of the wall through a series of holes in the flanges. Each flange has a series of circumferential tabs adapted to being bent inwardly and has a ring of intumescent putty within the tabs and a second ring of intumescent putty on its wall-facing surface. When the sleeve is installed and secured to the wall, a utility-carrying conduit is passed through the barrel and the tabs are bent inward to support and closely surround the conduit. In the presence of heat the intumescent material expands to fill any gaps between the sleeve and the conduit and between the sleeve and the wall so as to prevent the passage of smoke or flame.

ウォード トーマス ティー
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October 21, 1997
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December 08, 1994
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コンストラクション コンサルタンツ アンド コントラクターズ インコーポレイテッド
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A62C2/06; E04B1/94; E04F17/08; F16L5/04; (IPC1-7): E04B1/94; E04F17/08
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中村 稔 (外6名)