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Japanese Patent JPH10503470
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PCT No. PCT/FI95/00166 Sec. 371 Date Apr. 2, 1996 Sec. 102(e) Date Apr. 2, 1996 PCT Filed Mar. 29, 1995 PCT Pub. No. WO95/26711 PCT Pub. Date Oct. 12, 1995The present invention is directed to an ophthalmic composition in the form of a topical aqueous solution consisting essentially of an ophthalmologically active agent, an ion sensitive, hydrophilic polymer in an amount a of 0.004 to 1.5% by weight, at least one salt selected from the group of inor ganic salts and buffers in a total amount of from 0.01 to 2.0% by weight, a wetting agent in an amount of 0 to 3.0% by weight, a preservative in an amount of 0 to 0.02% by weight, water, and optionally a pH regulating agent in an amount sufficient to give a pH of 4.0 to 8.0 to the composition, the ratio between salt and polymer components being such that the solution exhibits a viscosity of less than 1000 mPas. The composition contains a sufficient amount of polymer to provide for a controlled absorption of the drug into the eye, its viscosity having been reduced to provide for better handling characteristics.

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March 31, 1998
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March 29, 1995
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Ray Russ Oy
International Classes:
A61F9/00; A61K9/00; A61K31/535; A61K47/34; A61K9/08; A61K47/36; A61P27/02; (IPC1-7): A61K9/08; A61K31/535; A61K47/34; A61K47/36
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Koji Katagiri