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Japanese Patent JPH10504239
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The present invention relates to an apparatus for applying a water-based coating material to a plurality of sheet members comprising :(a) a conveyor (4) for conveying a plurality of the sheet members in overlapped end to end relation along a path;(b) a source of the coating material;(c) a dispenser (7) in fluid communication with the source for controllably dispensing a quantity of the water-based coating materia at a desired rate ;(d) an intermediate carrier (20) supported adjacent said dispenser, said intermediate carrier having a transfer surface extending to said path of the sheet members, wherein said transfer surface is adapted for contact with the overlapped sheet members along said path, said transfer surface being presented to said dispenser for receiving the coating material at a location spaced from said transverse contact with the overlapped sheet members, said intermediate carrier being advancable to transfer the coating material from said dispenser to said overlapped sheet members;(e) a detachment roller (39) located adjacent the path of the sheet members and adapted for contact with the sheet members after application of the coating material, said detachment roller being connected to a source (40) of vaccum and adapted to apply said vacuum to the sheet members for detaching the sheet members from the intermediate carrier; and(f) a means to reduce the water content of the coating material prior to transfer of the coating material from the intermediate carrier to the overlapped sheet members.

Vogel, Mark S
Tsujimoto, kim kay
Stifter, Gregory F
Pear, bernard are
Lerice, Frederick P.A.
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Publication Date:
April 28, 1998
Filing Date:
July 13, 1995
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Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company
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B05C1/08; B05C9/04; B05C9/14; B05C13/00; B05D1/28; B05D3/00; B05D7/00; B42C3/00; B42C9/00; B65H5/24; B65H29/66; B65H37/00; B65H37/02; B65H39/02; B65H39/04; (IPC1-7): B05C1/08; B05D1/28; B05D3/00; B05D7/00; B42C9/00
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Aoyama Ryo (2 outside people)