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Japanese Patent JPH10505576
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Oligopeptide analogs containing sulfonamide, urea or carbamate linkages in the backbone are described. These compounds are useful in the inhibition of HIV protease, the prevention or treatment of infection by HIV and the treatment of AIDS, either as compounds, pharmaceutically acceptable salts, pharmaceutical composition ingredients, whether or not in combination with other antivirals, immunomodulators, antibiotics or vaccines. Methods of treating AIDS and methods of preventing or treating infection by HIV are also described.

Rundle Davryu, Hangate
Batka, Joseph Py
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Publication Date:
June 02, 1998
Filing Date:
June 19, 1995
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Merck End Company, Inc.
International Classes:
C07D295/20; A61K31/165; A61K31/17; A61K31/18; A61K31/27; A61K31/34; A61K31/341; A61K31/38; A61K31/381; A61K31/382; A61K31/41; A61K31/42; A61K31/423; A61K31/44; A61K31/4406; A61K31/4418; A61K31/535; A61K31/5375; A61K31/5377; A61P31/12; A61P43/00; C07C237/22; C07C271/22; C07C271/24; C07C275/10; C07C311/01; C07C311/15; C07C311/19; C07C311/42; C07D213/40; C07D213/56; C07D263/52; C07D295/215; C07D307/14; C07D307/20; C07D333/46; C07D335/06; C07D521/00; (IPC1-7): C07C271/22; C07D521/00; C07D335/06; C07D333/46; C07D307/20; C07D295/20; C07D263/52; C07D213/56; C07D213/40; C07C311/15; C07C311/01; C07C275/10; C07C237/22; A61K31/535; A61K31/44; A61K31/42; A61K31/41; A61K31/38; A61K31/34; A61K31/27; A61K31/18; A61K31/17; A61K31/165
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Yoshio Kawaguchi (3 outside)